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Child Psychiatrist Outpatient Consultation-Liaison Positions

The Department of Psychiatry at Cambridge Health Alliance, an appointing department at Harvard Medical School and teaching hospital, is currently seeking two part-time, board-certified or board-eligible, child psychiatrists for an excellent opportunity providing integrated pediatric mental health care as part of a multi-year federal system-of-care innovation grant.

Duties:  supervise local consultation-liaison teams at designated centers within the health system, and actively participate in research protocols interact with schools, and regional policy-makers in the child-serving state agencies

Qualifications: must be comfortable in strengths-based, family driven care models, demonstrated excellence in the clinical assessment of children and families, expertise in psychopharmacology, and a particular interest in working collaboratively with primary care clinics to deliver integrated care.

Positions offer competitive salaries, benefits package, opportunities for clinical research and teaching of medical students, psychiatry residents and fellows, and potential for academic appointment up to the rank of associate professor as determined by the criteria of Harvard Medical School.

Cambridge Health Alliance is an Equal Employment Opportunity employer, and women and minority candidates are strongly encouraged to apply.

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Supervisor, Clinical Care Managers

The role of Supervisor for the E-SOC Clinical Care Managers has both clinical and administrative responsibilities. Administratively, the Supervising Clinical Care Manager is a member of the E-SOC Leadership Team within the Children’s Health Initiative. Clinically, the job purpose is two-fold: to provide Clinical Care Manager services, as appropriate, for a limited number of children and families, while also providing training, and individual and group supervision to the other E-SOC Clinical Care Managers, under the direction of the Principle Investigator.  The varying “layers” of clinical supervision that each E-SOC Clinical Care Manager receives, including direction regarding team processes and optimal collaboration strategies with Family Support Specialists and other key child and family team members, allows for a continuous check on model fidelity.  This consistently reinforced continuity of intent is a hallmark of the E-SOC program and must be replicated in each site to ensure a continuous alignment of programmatic goals. 

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Clinical Care Manager

We are seeking Clinical Care Managers for the federally funded grant project, “Enhancing Systems of Care” (E-SOC). The purpose of this role is to deliver integrated care to children with mental health needs and their families onsite within primary care. Care Managers will work collaboratively with primary care to provide clinical evaluations and consultation, in coordination with child psychiatry and family support specialists. Care will be based upon individualized goals, and be community based. Clinical Care Managers will work with families to create Child and Family Teams, if needed, for at-risk youth, and ensure quality through comprehensive care planning processes. This position will report to the Supervisor, Clinical Care Manager.

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Family Support Specialist

The Family Support Specialist (FSS) brings a key family perspective to clinical teams providing Integrated Child Mental Health and Pediatric Care (ICMH-PC). In that context, they can help “translate” between the professional culture and the family’s culture, building trust and facilitating critical information sharing. That two-way process, clarifying communication about symptoms, diagnoses and treatment planning, enhances engagement between parents and clinicians, so that children and youth are more likely to receive needed mental health services.

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Program Administrator Research

As a key member of the E-SOC Leadership Team, under the direction of the Principle Investigator, the Program Administrator will have a variety of responsibilities, including, but not limited to managing research staff, project operations and performance measurement for a four year federal grant to develop and evaluate integrated pediatric mental health services for children and families within CHA.

As a key member of the E-SOC program staff, the Program Administrator will have a variety of responsibilities, including, but not limited to serving as the Key Contact for other CHA departments (IT, HR, etc.) as well as for external stakeholders (funders, state agency representatives, family organizations), under the direction of the PI.
The role also involves managing project operations for a four year grant to develop and evaluate an integrated pediatric mental health program for children and families cared for at CHA.
This position requires the Program Administrator to have exceptional managerial and leadership skills, a strong data collection skill-set and experience analyzing data; this position also requires budget experience and finance skills.
The Program Administrator will be responsible for overseeing field research; this entails coordinating data collection procedures and activities at different sites, designing and implementing protocols and procedures, supervising the Research Coordinator and collaborating with site-based staff involved with the project.
The Program Administrator will work with senior researchers regarding research design and implementation, as well as preparing internal and external reports, and peer reviewed articles.
Other general duties include preparing substantive aspects of research grant proposals and IRB applications, and conducting analyses for various other projects, and other duties as requested by the Principle Investigator.

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Research Coordinator II

The Research Coordinator II works collaboratively with the CHI Research Team members, under the general direction of the Principal Investigator, and provides overall coordination of a significant multi-funded research project(s) They participate in developing research designs, data collection methods and strategies for data management. Also may be involved in coordinating multiple data collection efforts which may include other collaborating agencies or institutions; as well as data entry and analysis. May oversee recruitment of research project enrollees, manage enrollee database, write and edit reports and manuscripts, and serve as a liaison to funding agencies.

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Social Marketing Communications Task Lead

The Social Marketing-Communications Lead will develop a comprehensive social marketing/communications strategy for the E-SOC community, including a social marketing strategic plan, public education activities, and overall outreach efforts. S/he will coordinate activities with the national communications campaign contractor, design printed materials that educate about health issues, and create ad campaigns that help increase public knowledge of the SOC expansion program. This lead position will utilize the internet and other forms of mass media to help influence public policy and to help educate the public about SOC expansion services and wellness issues.

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Youth Engagement Task Lead

The Youth Engagement Lead is a key position which will work to infuse the voice of youth with serious emotional disturbance throughout the System of Care (SOC) by serving as an integral liaison between youth and the project administration, clinicians, parents/caregivers, and community entities. S/he will be fully integrated into the team and will work with all program staff to inform program decision making and implementation to help develop programs for young people and facilitate their involvement in the development of the SOC.   This position will help coordinate youth activities and groups, such as the Youth/Teen Advisory Board, “Youth Partners”, and Community Connections to encourage diversity within the youth groups. This will include conducting outreach efforts to promote community-based resources and connections.

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Training/Volunteer Opportunities

This placement involves participation on a multi-disciplinary research team, the Children’s Health Initiative, at Cambridge Health Alliance. The team includes senior child mental health service researchers, clinical leaders from pediatrics and child psychiatry, and health policy and economics experts. CHI was recently awarded a new federal grant to investigate ways to improve children’s mental health outcomes at the population level. The SAMHSA funded “Enhancing Systems of Care: Supporting Families and Improving Youth Outcomes” grant is designed to facilitate closer collaboration between pediatrics and child psychiatry, with additional family-based resources, to support treatment engagement. CHI is particularly interested in identification and early intervention for childhood trauma. This training opportunity allows students to become familiar with the pediatric integrated care collaborative practice model from the point of view of clinicians, while also learning about community-based participatory research implementation, and outcomes measurement. Evaluation activities include analyses related to health status, service use, and expense. Chances to participate in grant application and manuscript preparation related to this innovative pediatric mental health intervention model are also available.

CHI a wide array of both part time and full time volunteer opportunities in both patient care and research areas of our current research.

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